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The Sound Source Advantage
Personalized Service
We are a small company. And, as such, we are able to provide much more personalized service to you, our valued client than what the Larger DJ companies could even hope to provide to you. I will be your DJ for your special event and I will meet with you in person, as often as you would like, prior to your event.
Larger companies may have 10, 15, 20 or more DJ’s on staff, or as subcontractors.
When you contact these larger companies, you may, or may not have any contact with the actual DJ that will be at your event, prior to your event.
Some of these companies will not even “Allow” you to select the DJ for your event unless you book one of their “Premium” (and much more expensive) packages. Your DJ will be chosen for you by the company.
Whose Special Event is this Anyway? It is your special event, and you should always be “allowed” to choose, and meet, the DJ for your special event.
Reliable Service
We will show up when we are supposed to, We will show up where we are supposed to and we will do everything that we are supposed to do. And we put it in writing.
We do not use Subcontractors
Many of the larger companies rely heavily on sub-contractors to service the events that they book.
Many times these subcontractors also work for other companies, or independently as well, and are actively booking events on their own, as well as doing the subcontractor work for the large company. It’s pretty obvious where I am going with this one. If the DJ manages to book an event on their own, what is the likelihood of him/her showing up for your subcontracted event, for less money? Do you really want to take a chance on a subcontracted DJ cancelling out of your event shortly before your event, or just not showing up for your event?
For these very reasons, we do not use subcontractors, and we don’t work as subcontractors for anyone else.
Technician Support
One selling point that some of the larger companies are using is that they have a Technician and/or Manager “on staff” to solve any unforeseen problems. Is this really a benefit? If an unforeseen problem would come up at your event, would you rather wait for the manager/technician to arrive from 30 miles away before the problem could be resolved, or would you prefer to have a trained technician on site at your event to solve the problem almost immediately?  
When you book your event with us, you will have a manager and a technician on site at your event.
No Overbooking
In order to boost their bottom lines and to keep their DJ's working, and to compensate for a certain percentage of event cancellations, Some of the large companies will actually book more events for a given day than what they have DJ's available for. This could potentially result in a DJ not being available for your event.
Or, they may book a particular DJ for more than one event  on a given day. This could result in your DJ showing up late for your event, not showing up at all, or having to leave your event early.
We do not overbook or double book.
One Event per DJ per Day
We Put it in Writing
Unbelievably, there are still some DJ's and DJ companies that do not use written contracts. This can be a risky proposition for both
you the customer, and for the DJ as well.
Without a written contract, the DJ could simply cancel out on your event, often times with very short notice, or just not show up for your event at all. Or the DJ may cancel out on your event if something better happens to come up. This happens all too often.
A written contract outlines specifically what services we will provide for you, as well as the fee that is required in exchange for the services indicated. Just makes Sense. We insist on using written contracts.